2015: A New Educational Challenge: Q1

As we head into a new year, it’s time for another quarterly challenge. This time, it’s going to be primarily College based, as I have recently had a lot of struggles with my college classes.

It seems that I have been too lax about being a college student, and my laxity has led to education dropping on my value list.

I will not let this happen in 2015, and that is why I’ve got some revitalization in mind for this quarter.

3 College Courses

In line with my goal of finishing my college degree in 2016, I’ll be taking more classes. First, I will be retaking Principles of Marketing. I will take the UExcel Examination, rather than the Saylor exam. I’m aiming to get an A on the exam, which is in stark contrast to the D+ that I received last semester. I will not accept this kind of poor academic performance from myself.

Also, I will be taking an Introduction to Business Law exam at Excelsior. This will be a very new topic, as I’ve never taken any sort of law course before. Just rented my textbook, and I look forward to diving in!

Finally, I’ve got my humanities course: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union. This is an upper level course, and I’ve ordered 5 different books from Amazon that I’ll be studying. It’s a bit different than the classes I normally take, and I look forward to the challenge. Here is a link for more info on the DSST exam that I’ll be taking:

DSST Exam – The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

My goal is to get an A on all 3 exams.

Speed Reading

Speed Reading is a skill that I’ve been bouncing around in my head for a while. I’ve been a particularly slow reader throughout my life. Or rather, I’ve been a particularly slow learner throughout my life. I’m more of a tortoise than a hare, but I do recognize that the virtues of the hare can be mixed with that of the tortoise. You get the best of both worlds!

I’ll be spending 30 minutes a day taking the Breakthrough Rapid Reading Course. Not bad for about $12. I’ve taken this course before, but my will ran out after about 10 days. I began seeing progress, though, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact that this reading course has on my life when I sustain it over 3 months. From there, I will re-assess.

Closing Words

2014, in general, was the most trying year of my academic career. I started out with great intensity in the first quarter, studying Microeconomics and Financial Accounting and submitting exams for college credit. I did alright in the first quarter, then I started struggling in April. What happened was a complete focus on my academics at the cost of sleep and health. I would routinely get my 8 hours of sleep, as typically instructed by society. However, the sleep hours of 2 AM – 10 AM are quite different from 11 PM – 7 AM. The former was completely destructive. I will sleep in a healthier pattern this year, and not neglect to cook meals for myself and my family this year.

The balance of life, work, academics, is quite a challenge. I am humbled every single time I attempt to do something worthwhile in my life. I have fallen down many times, yet I will continue my journey. When I do succeed, I will be all the better for it.

Thanks for sticking it out with me through the tougher times. Many good things to come in 2015!


  1. lynn fux December 31, 2014 at 11:42 pm #

    Josh,I just hope you give your life appreciation not just for all your amazing works but also just trying,falling ,failing and beginning again.You are a winner in the biggest and best sennse of that word and I admire you so much. You will have a wonderful year ,With love,awe and respect,Lynn

    • Josh Lipovetsky January 1, 2015 at 5:54 pm #

      Thank you for your wonderful words, Lynn. May you have an amazing year in 2015 😀

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