Eight Weeks of Adventure: The Great Books Oasis Course

Let me get straight to the point, here.

If you’re reading Lit For Brains, then you want the best education. You want to read the best books. Absorb the best thoughts. Integrate the best ideas.

You also want to do it in a fun and challenging way that is actually enjoyable.

Today, you’ll have a chance to do that.

I want to introduce to you:

The Great Books Oasis

What is the Great Books Oasis?

First, we have to define what the desert is, before we can find our oasis.

The educational climate is bleak and damp. Tuition is going up. Schools are relaxing their standards, and real learning tends to happen despite the education system, not because of it.

Something is going to change very soon. As a matter of fact, something is changing right now. Can you feel the wave?

We have MOOCs like Coursera and edX, which offer top-notch, free online courses from quality educators.

I love MOOCs, and I think that what they’re doing for the educational landscape is wonderful.

Now, I’d like to do my part to help move the educational industry forward.

I notice a few trends. One of which is the growing reading list.

We who are passionate about books and learning, and know the tremendous value that books have, tend to build up a humongous library of unread books.

We start reading a few pages of one book, and then another shiny new book catches our eye. Before we know it, our whole library is covered with books. We have to step over our book piles to get to bed.

Book Clutter.

So I ask myself: I have all of this book clutter laying around, but I never get to reading these books. Can I create a system to help myself finish the books, get the most out of them, improve my writing skills dramatically, and help others to do the same?

Of course I can.

Introducing the Great Books Oasis.

Here, we finish what we start. We have hand-selected 3 quality books that have stood the test of time, and we are going to dive into them.

As a matter of fact, we are going to dive deep into them. Before we look at the program, let’s look at the books that make up the backbone!

The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby is a fantastic read. Epic, lyrical, romantic, heartbreaking at the same time. You will get something new every time you read this book, and the content has become work of legend in American Literature. I’ve read it 3 times, and it gets better every time. The symbolism. The heartbreak of Gatsby’s tale. The sadness that I feel when Gatsby’s fantasy about Daisy doesn’t coincide with reality. I relate to this book.

This isn’t one of the greatest works of American Fiction for no reason. It will expand you, and it will open up your imagination. A book well worth reading and studying, even if you’ve already read and studied it before.

Brave New World

Brave New World is a book that I have been meaning to read for years, but it always stood in the periphery of my mind. “I’ll get to it later,” I thought to myself. Well, later is now. This dystopian book is very similar to ‘1984’ in scope. It warns of the dangers of a technological age in society. I have heard amazing things about this book, and now it is time to read it. A legendary work of Science Fiction.

The Glass Bead Game

I am most excited to read this book, and that’s why we will be studying it last. I absolutely adore Hermann Hesse’s works. So far, I have read ‘Siddhartha’ about 3 times, and the book was nothing short of life-changing. I read ‘Steppenwolf’ once, and it put me in a complete trance. This is why I look forward to reading “The Glass Bead Game” with utmost enthusiasm. It’s a book about society, and a game that is all about synthesizing math, logic, music, and philosophy. Sounds like the Liberal Arts? You bet. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to read this with you.

Enter The Oasis

The oasis exists in the desert. No matter how dry and debilitating the desert can be, you will find water in the oasis.

No matter how dark and depressing life can get, there is always water and light if you have the courage to reach out.

This is a lesson that I have been learning time and time again, and it is why I have created this 8 week experience.

Obviously, it’s not for everyone. Only those who are as excited to read these books as I am, and can commit to the reading, writing, and group meetings, will be signing up.

Here’s what the Oasis consists of:

-3 Brand-New Books (Great Gatsby, Brave New World, Glass Bead Game) shipped to your door directly from Lit For Brains.
-A high quality Black n’ Red Notebook and Pen

This is what you will be getting in the mail.

The Curriculum

Once you get these books in the mail, the real journey begins. We will be reading each book for one week, with the exception of The Glass Bead Game. That book is twice as long as the others, so it will be given two weeks time. It’s an accelerated pace, but I know we can do it.

The next week after that is dedicated to writing. One week reading the book, the next week engaging in writing, critical thinking, analysis and inquiry.

During the second week, we will be writing an article about the book. There will be resources and support to help you write this essay.

You will submit your article to me via e-mail, and I will offer my insights, guidance, grammatical revisions, suggestions, analysis, and commentary on your written piece.

Finally, we will be meeting live via Google Hangouts every week, at a designated time. As it’s an 8 Week Oasis, there will be 8 total meetings. These will involve book discussions in a Socratic fashion, as well as general community and support.

So, here’s how it would look:

Week 1 – Read The Great Gatsby + Google Hangout
Week 2 – Write Article on The Great Gatsby + Google Hangout
Week 3 – Read Brave New World + Google Hangout
Week 4 – Write Article on Brave New World + Google Hangout
Week 5 – Read First Part of Glass Bead Game + Google Hangout
Week 6 – Write Article on First Part of Glass Bead Game + Google Hangout
Week 7 – Read Second Part of Glass Bead Game + Google Hangout
Week 8 – Write Article on Second Part of Glass Bead Game + Google Hangout

How Much Time Will it Take?

This will take some time, as a book-a-week is a considerably fast pace. That’s about 25-50 pages a day. Great Gatsby is about 200 pages. Brave New World is about 280 pages. Glass Bead Game is about 560 pages.

On reading weeks, it will require a solid 1-2 hours a day minimum. I would offer the same guideline on writing weeks, as well. If you don’t have 2 hours a day for serious reading and writing, then this is not for you.

This is not a problem. You can join the Oasis in a different round.

But if you’re ready to enter a new world of Literature, read on.

Before purchasing access to this product and experience, fill out the form below to set up a 30 minute consultation with me. I will share more info on the program, see if we’re a good fit, and give you a questionnaire to fill out before our call.

Click HERE to Set up a Meeting with Me

Should you choose to take on this wonderful challenge, the price of all materials, shipping, discussion groups, writing support and assistance, and 4 essays personally reviewed and analyzed by me, will be less than the price of any college course.

If you’ve ever spent over $500 on an English Composition course. Or even $1000 or more, and come away with a forgettable experience, I’d like to change your mind about Literature forever.

My course will be $300 total.

Once you’ve finished the 8 weeks, and have built up the habit of reading and writing, I think you’ll be extremely thrilled with the investment.

Again, Click HERE to set up a meeting with me, and I look forward to seeing you at the Oasis.

I will be taking a maximum of 5 students to go on the Journey with me, as it is very time and labor intensive for all of us. That’s why we must set up a meeting with you before you can enroll in the curriculum.

Whether you end up in the Oasis or not, I think you will find tremendous value in what we offer at Lit For Brains. New educational articles every week, youtube videos on great books, and much more. You’ll enjoy your time here.

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