Q2 90-Day Challenge: Microeconomics, Japanese, and More: Results

Well, here we are nearing the end of yet another quarter. It’s been just as challenging, if not more challenging than the first quarter. I ran into many roadblocks, and found that my strength is not as potent as I believed it to be.

Good. I’d rather know the truth about my abilities and work from there, rather than be charmed by a delusion of my greatness.

So, I had 3 goals for Q2: An A on my Microeconomics Exam at Excelsior College. 150 hours of Japanese Study. A full liberal arts writing course released by the end of June.

Let’s see how I fared!


Every time I take an exam, I am further convinced of the Justice principle. You get exactly what you put in. Your results will reflect your effort.

In a world where justice seems to be lacking at times, this is a wave of relief for me. Finally, a mode of life where my efforts reflect what I put in. Ah, Justice.

So what grade did I get? I didn’t meet my goal of getting an A on the exam. Instead, I got a B.

What went wrong?

If you look at the scan, you’ll see an interesting pattern. I got a 96% on the first part of the exam. No surprise, there. I studied intensely in April, working diligently on practice problems in the first 7 chapters of the Microeconomics Textbook.

Then, I fell off the wagon. I had the exam scheduled in May, and I canceled it. I was ready to give up. But a voice told me to re-register, and try to take the exam at the end of June. So I did.

I barely studied for the second half of the course, and my results reflect that. You’ll see that I got a 58% on the third part of the course. This is where I lacked effort.

I am so taken aback by this. I find it beautiful beyond words. Could there really be an area of life where you get what you put in? I love it!


I’ve been studying Japanese on and off for 4 years. It’s a hard language, I must say. A beautiful challenge. I put in a lot of effort towards this in April, but I burned out in May, and didn’t succeed in my challenge.

In the end, I studied just 36.5 hours out of the 150 hour goal.

Falling short once again. I’m becoming friends with failure. Good. This is making me stronger, and it gives me strength to pursue bigger and greater challenges. You’ll see.

The Lit For Brains Oasis Course

Another very difficult challenge I set for myself during these 90 days. I am pleased to say that I have released a Reading and Writing Course that I am very excited about.

You can check it out HERE.

This challenge was a success, and I gained so much strength. Lots of obstacles had to be overcome to bring that Oasis into reality.

Closing Words

It has been, as expected, a very difficult 3 months. I feel like these goals are taxing every aspect of my being. The good news? I haven’t given up. I’ve failed many times, but I turned in my Microeconomics exam. No matter what.

I released my writing course. No matter what.

As for Japanese, I can’t say the same thing. I will double my efforts next time, and upgrade my language study method. Perhaps I will go to a language learning school! One day, this Japanese language will help me serve humanity on a much deeper level.

Thank you for being a part of my Journey. Your support has been very much appreciated, and I encourage you to take on a 90 day challenge of your own next quarter!


  1. David June 29, 2014 at 12:03 am #

    Awesome! I enjoy following your pluckiness and unrelenting Kaizen spirit. Keep it up. Have you set new goals for the next quarter? Be well.

    • Josh Lipovetsky June 29, 2014 at 3:55 am #

      Thank you so much for associating me with the concept of Kaizen. That’s a very big deal, David. And I appreciate you asking about my goals for Q3. I haven’t set them yet, but I’m going to see how I think and feel during these next 2 days…the last days of Q2! If I do set goals for Q3, they will likely be more educational in scope. 6 credits in Q1 and 3 credits of college in Q2 was not enough of a challenge. I would ideally like to take at least 12 credits minimum, so that I can actually engage more fully with my work.

      A lot to think about, David, and I appreciate you helping to hold me accountable.

  2. Cindy Pelletier June 30, 2014 at 5:59 pm #

    Good job, Josh! Finding a positive in a tough situation is the sign of victory!!! I once read a little book entitled, “The One Minute Manager.” The bottom line was: you get 80% of your success from 20% of your effort when you work smart. The opposite is true: you fail 80% of the time when you only put in 20% effort. You are an 80/20 guy… 80% success with 20% of your effort. Excellent! Excellent! Keep going, no matter what!

    • Josh Lipovetsky July 1, 2014 at 12:35 pm #

      You got me, Cindy! I really only put 20% of my effort into this one, and the results show…they’re very lousy and mediocre. I will put in much more effort next exam.

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