The mission of Lit For Brains is to provide the world with access to a low-cost, high-quality, challenging and engaging liberal arts education through dynamic presentations, critical thinking development, and intense debate and discussion.

Our standard learning technique of rote memorization is powerful for learning multiplication tables, but not when it comes to the incredible stories that are intertwined in all Liberal Arts Education.

We’re given dates and events in History Class, but we aren’t given exciting and exhilarating stories that actually make us give a damn about learning.

We’re given exams to study for, but no reasons WHY we should care about learning in the first place, and what it can do for us.

We aren’t given the habits to learn well, and we certainly aren’t given the habits to ENJOY learning.

Lit for Brains is the remedy to the problem of Liberal Arts Education in our society.

Why Lit For Brains?

There is hardly anything more powerful that you can fill your mind with than Great Literature.

Great Literature:

  • Exposes you to new lenses of reality, giving you a means to understand and integrate many different viewpoints.
  • Demands the highest levels of focus and concentration.
  • Improves your Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Makes you more fully human.
  • Great Literature, above all, will set you free.

    This is my invitation to you:

    Empower Yourself. Take the Journey now, because the world won’t wait for you.

    I originally created Lit For Brains as an aid to help me on my own educational journey, and then I realized that it had the potential to become much more powerful than that.

    I realized this when I started getting comments on my Youtube videos like these:

    “Love this video it helped a lot with my paper thank you!!”

    “you are a boss, please keep making these sir”

    “oh man!! i watched this video bc i was planning to skip the reading, but this just made me want to read!!!”

    Where Do I Start, Josh?


    Take 3 minutes and watch my video on Plato’s Apology. It’s an incredibly powerful piece of Literature, and a great overview of what I do here at Lit For Brains.


    Read the dialogue itself. It’s a little bit dense, and that’s why I am have created a custom guided mastery audio that will help you get the most out of this insightful dialogue.

    Click Here to Find Out More About The Guided Mastery Audio.

    Finally, enter your e-mail below in order to stay updated on all of the latest videos that I release, upcoming courses, events, and special Lit For Brains promotions.

    Let’s travel this road together, and make something amazing in this world.

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